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Details of the services, repairs and work we undertake.

General Servicing

At MT Services, we promise to service your car regardless of make, model or age. We have our own type of service that is different to any other garage. You don't have to worry about a service by us interfering with the warranty on your car, as we can fit all manufacturers own parts if requested. With our well-trained, experienced staff and the strength of the Unipart distribution chain, we offer a standard of service that we are extremely proud of.

General Repairs

If you are unfortunate enough to need an emergency repair on your vehicle, we can usually source the parts needed and have you back on the road very quickly, using the Unipart distribution system. If the repair is not urgent, we will ensure that we have the necessary parts in stock prior to the vehicle's arrival, minimising any possible delays for your convenience.

Air conditioning

If your car is fitted with air conditioning, it is a good idea to have treatment annually. Whether you just want a general check, bacteria treatment or want us to diagnose and fix any problem - we can always carry out the work. Steve is our air conditioning specialist and has had complete training in every aspect of air conditioning so if you have any queries, please do not hesitate to speak to him.

Tuning and Diagnostics

We have the latest SUN diagnostic equipment and two fully trained mechanics in its use. A must with the electronic systems that are fitted to today's cars.

MOT Testing

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We have been carrying out MOT testing on vehicles since the very beginning and our staff have been trained to the high standards of the Vehicle Inspectorate. So it doesn't need to be emphasised how experienced they are in the test procedure.
The MOT scheme is road safety measure to help ensure that vehicles are properly maintained and examined annually to check that they comply with certain legal requirements.
The MOT test applies to cars, light vans and small trucks that are at least three years old on an annual basis.
An authorised MOT tester using approved equipment must carry out the examination.
The test certificate, when issued relates only to the condition and performance of the vehicle at the time of test. The MOT test certificate is not evidence of the condition of the car at any other time, nor is it evidence of the general mechanical condition of the car
The MOT tester will examine the condition of most elements of your vehicle, including: -


For full details of components inspected - Click on a category e.g.


When a certificate is issued, you will also be given a sticker to be put in your windscreen. This is a system that was introduced by the ministry on 01/03/03, as a reminder for the vehicle owner to always have a valid MOT certificate and so it can be seen at a glance by the police when it becomes law.

You may submit your vehicle up to one calendar month before the test is due. So if the expiry date on your previous certificate is 26/09/14 you can have this years MOT done anytime after 27/08/14. Then if you bring in your old certificate when you have the MOT done, providing it passes, the new expiry date will be 26/09/15. This will, in effect give you 13 months MOT, instead of 12.

Your car and the MOT

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